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The Universe : Lif³volution

Is there really The Space?

The Space those stuff of The Emptiness?

Powerful of The Emptiness inside The Space’s embrace.

The Space’s embrace with mood swing.

How do we live in the place where temperatures drop below( -1)°c then doesn’t take long to raise up above (100+)°c ?

There are pain and sensitive like gum loosing teeth.

There are wind blow on fresh wound and turn to extremely strength ice covering .

There are the heat crack me out from solid rock.

They are repeat in a sec or more & less.

So The space is Extremely high-low, cold & hot, acid & compress.

Begin & End never separate.

No man and woman.

No gender.

No question about age as a question about

how many time had we blinking the eyes?

plus breathing in-out²

plus heart beating × every single cell in body.

It is not too much for someone who love to live with headaches stuff.

It is too much for someone who disability of analyzing.

It is easy to understand for someone who see “because & why” .

Question leading to answer.

Answer relating to question.

Act bringing respond.

Respond create reaction.

Reaction bringing decision.

Decision bringing result.

Become the beginning basically system in every kind of relationship.

To cut or continue?

The Space is the community of The opposite in one that extremely short relationship.

Like “a female mentis eat a male head during sex activity”.

Like “the magic show” .

Like “1:1 enemy or more”. I happy to see you died.

1 winner & 1 died then

1 died is new born behind 1 winner

1 winner is killed by 1 new born

1 new born is winner the repeat.


Like “1:1 love or more”. I cry to see you gone then I born to see you died.

Makes us shocking when knowing about someone “died”

Makes us surprising when knowing amazing thing “happened”

When emptiness filled with last concentrate energy that trying to perform before died but unsuccessfully. It does mean

“Death is only The Beginning”

I will come back to make it.

Reference by


The Deputy Principle Priest of Pharaoh Seti.

Ancient Egypt 3000 BC.

Actor: Arnold Vosloo from South Africa

The Mummy Movie 1999

By Universal

To Be Continue


Supakan Wattanaboon (writer & artist )

Brought to you by

Edelweiss Meristem cell culture

SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Broad spectrum SPF50 PA+++

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