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Updated: Apr 7

Alright, if you pass by this way and hearing what I am talking to the air. Please do not get me wrong and judge me as a boy gone crazy. I just met my new friend who invisible. O.K. Fine, I was talking to myself. Have you never don

e that in your life? Most of my or your curiosity is always secured because you take your time walkthrough those doubting until you ensure that who should hear your story. OR Only you deserve and keep it inside. I am a little bit jealous that you have friends who be there to listen and pay attention to you. I don’t I mean I have friends. Unfortunately, they really love to talk and I never had daily topics to start conversation. I am a follower. It’s fun to go out with gang but whenever me and one friend showed up first, it was funny that we got nothing to really talked until the rest arrived and save us from the death air. No no. We did not hate each other. We all get along very well. I respect someone else space though. I think I am not cool enough and lag of motivation to talk about things I don’t like even I knew. It cause me lonely and boring like I am here to filled up last spot. They never said that because they really care about me for something. Something in me is everyone else doesn’t have or willing to be. I am the best consultant and fair.

Where is my god? Because I wanted to say it out loud. “OH MY GOD” What if you having the same situation like what I have? Did you felt like you were neglect? If so, how did you passed that? Hey hey it’s ok…… If that still hurting you. Hope this hug helps us healing each other. “We are imperfection” So is The Universe. Are you scare of The Dark? mmm? What about Dark and freeze? uuuuh! That’s fine, I don’t rush you to answer quick. Let me ask you next question. What if you are sitting there alone in the dark, freeze, dry and tighten your body? “Do you have any idea to escape from that part?” Alps in my imagination.

Alright, That was our scenario in case you walked pass by, and wanted to made sure why did I talking to myself?

So I cut it out because I am here alone and yes I hearing myself speaking. Something invisible could be counting in. Since we are rapidly exchanging the culture. HierographicLook like we are matched Oh congratulations to those who already recognized The Unique language of The Universe. You are welcome to elevate Please set up your imagination within your spirit to The Hologram private Theater. Let’s see, What could beat your heart rates? Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Sound,Ray,,etc. shown for measuring.How does it work with your code? The code rhythm of your DNA . How was the first DNA produced?I know that no one yet provide the clear answer of DNA. Why does it exist? Where are they came from? To be continue…

To be continue…1+1=O Brought to you by Writer & Artist: Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon Founder of SHONZ SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA+++

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