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Heart Collect Memory-(special)

Updated: Apr 7

Heart Creates The Memory

Wait!! a second.

What about brain?

OK you do not need to belive me because I am not a doctor. 

So what the doctor could explain things to people so far? 

I mean, clearly explaination.

Brain help organizes memory to every muscle on left, middle and right inside out body.

Every heart beat will creates wave.

Heart rates will send wave frequency to the brain

and brain will send electricity to the heart back and forth

via the center of the brain or the 3rd eye.

Run through the core *inside back bones.

Similar to the hit from thunders the spread like net.

Brain left and right will send electricity wave via back bones

to collect in every muscle that concerns from our touching.

Heart create memories from every experience

Helps balancing body 360° degree.

Brain is computer that can upgrade to read the wave memory.

Depends on the curl in the brain that works like the sharp pixel to be able to project all experiences.

That why we drunk or passed out when brain are disturbing

or died if Brain is destroyed because heart unable to reach and receive electricity from brain.

But heart will still keep pulsing slower from Electricity in plasma or blood until stop.

So, Heart born first and die after.

Brain was born after and die first.


When The Brain is died, The Heart will performs heavy pulsing to find the brain. 

The reason to help The brain waking up.

​Unless heart will unsuccess to discover the brain if split or died.

Heart will remember if Brain has fast computing

without messing up, confusion or destroyed.

Heart will still remember even when body losing part or disability

but problem is the brain could not contact those dead part or been cut.

Then brain will takes some time to learn

and adjust how to balance and harmony.

No worries,

Our heart wave will send back to the core of blackhole, planet,

solar or / and The Universe to reproduce or upgrade DNA.

Then send us back to born in New body.

Oh yes.

We all will BORN-DIE and repeat.

To be continue


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