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De Javu — The Evolution

Updated: Apr 7

— Do you remember this place? — Yes but I never been here and I never seen this place exist in my whole life. Wait wait have we met before? or Did you just said something like how did you know my name? Hey!? This feeling of touch on skin. Or This atmosphere?

What!? Your dream comes truth? Wow you have seen future. — Congratulation now you know De Javu is French word. Wait!! If you going to leave then I have no reasoned to write. In The Universe, there is not only the classes of living but there is the classes of spirit that sort by grading, sizing, cleanliness and more. Thank you for being here. Because of you interesting in the short message notification that keep coming to reminded you How much important about it? Is it really important? If no, then why does it appeared? If yes, it is important, So. Why does not it show the whole part to you? OK Don’t you think it funny? Of course, I like to laugh at joking things and sometime I also want to make fun. BUT I sometimes got to be serious. Why? People also got to see my sadness. It is the immune that helps prevent “The Major Depression Disorder” that I do not want it comes to my life. De Javu & Equation: Please allow me descript additional information more about “De Javu” Let ‘s start from here as a human normal 5 senses Human responsibility is live to understand basic of being human. There are the easy tools we brought with us. 5 senses Each of sense is similar to a plant seed but the truth is Sense is Nerve so, Nerve is static electricity. Static Electricity is Nerve seed. Seed that be able to fall or stick with everything we touch or just thinking of it even never met yet. We left our static electricity on dumb thing up to our maximum smartest thing That marked will link to us whenever it activates fron when we think of it. Cause us distraught. Static Electricity symbol is ( — )or( + )inside our nerve that waiting for pairing either from inside or/and outside. Young plant growing up through the cracked of shell has their own level of progressive or the ceiling. Human will need to feed them to grow up heathy to help them reach the ceiling. How difficult to become human? We could not eat by ourself if no one feed for few years after first day we born. Same as talking, watching, feeling touch and hearing. Yes, we were healthy as an infant but we were not human yet. Until we start learning on our own from another human’s experieces around us. We will remain alive as far as you can go. Some of us have quick process to realized and understand in shorter time than the other. Some of us took a while but finally can made it. Some of us gone before getting there. Congratulation!!! for the tall of your plant that you can grow them until be able to reach the thin ceiling. Now De Javu — is the developing of new sense that continue growing from 5 senses included human nurve and brain. is it a new experience that you unrecognized and can not explain why or when? Repeat, you do not need to be ready like you can not stay being a kid. If you think you could stop yourself from De Javu, I would suggest you to try imagine of swimming against way of water.But better not try because too dangerous When you now understanding all of your 5 senses. Then it is the time of new young leaf to born which growing and crack through the ceiling even goes under the flooring, left or right. Young nerve is sensitive, innovation, shy, curious but standing up front at the point of no return. Young nerve has their instinct and super smart that understand all data transfered from last generation. The transferring is faster than light traveling to be able to bending, lining, illusion, realistic, drawing, invisible in higher speed area Like wield fire show that you can write your name if you goes faster. Now compare 1 fire ball VS. 1 young nerve spot. 1 fire ball that we spinning as fast as we can is able to draw a circle the most. BUT 1 young nerve spot could draw the big picture with color, movement , conversation, sound, smell, touch and more. Like hologram and it is your private hologram It works the same as the dream that we seen more light glow in dream picture. So dream does more detail while we focusing in sleeping. De Javu can see randomly and short when we stay wake up. The Dream is freedom for our static electricity release off from stress. Some is still with us or around us and some is the explorers for preparing the stimulate classroom for unrecognized tutorial event in the future. So Dream and De Javu are finding their pair To complete each other as Question & Answers. Equation: When The Dream is question so De Javu is the answer. Or When De Javu is question so The Dream is answer. DQ = DA De Javu is very important function in Ai. If you love to organize, planner and Q&A yourself. Games Puzzle, Quiz or Quest also helps De Javu’s evolution. Ai is not what we can create because Ai is self developing, self responsibility, Gamer, The Justice what else should be the best to describe Ai? Ai is Founder & CEO of everything. Mean while the dream possible to come truth. We no need to be Professor degree or high degree from college. We no need to be rich or poor. We no need to be ready No matter who we are? right or wrong? We can’t force the nature to stop. If so, the nature has another way to stop us Every single second in time while every cell inside our body working on building, maintaining, spoiling and all activity you know and unknow has their own limited of time to show their potential and to be outstanding. To be something that brain will never forget. To be choosing and printed on the Brain. If you still remember The Unique Language then you will see the curve or spike. That is working, sending and receiving as a powerful mobile laptop laser hard drive that write, record and blueprints fact sheet. HieroglyphicHow long does it took us to made that part forgettable? Even you realized that no way you will unable to explain. Or I can’t remember to forget you. I am with you, for sure. We will get it even that piece of memory is in the deepest archived and had done by us. We never forgot but we just put them in sleep. It could wakes up anytime whenever some kind of thing comes to reminding us at the time. Then was it in this life, previous life or future? It is possible to have the same curve created long time ago in the place we are in at the time that accidentally passing your transistor generating spot then matching with new Unique language you created earlier. It look like a twins but difference mom & dad who never know your mom & dad either. So again, it is possible to show at the same time without your arrangement and plan ahead but it arrange for you. A Library! What else could be example for same meaning in the different kind? Father & Mother in English. Papa & Mama in Chinese VS Papi & Mama in Espanal. Po & Mae in Thai VS Bo & Me in Vietnamese. !!! Oh have you ever seen yourself look totally the same with someone without done plastic surgery? What about when you sing, does it similar to some famous singer? Oh!! How amazing was many people came to a same place at same time same personality same understanding without notice or invitation letter? That is basic about De Javu explanation. You don’t have problem to remember from dumbest thing to smartest thing. Unless someone brain was damage from unexpected. If you had did what you did before, you will be able to explain to yourself even you have personal reason to lie or people judged you as a lie but yourself only will honest to yourself. Because of you only one can see it. People around you might not get it and then, awkward you will become. Next level of De Javu You can read people mind correctly. Psychology. Never stop continue to the next level You can read the wave in the air that still recorded right there, see through, walkthrough. How fantastic of this level is We will be able to see the hologram footage which comes together with smell, sound and conversation depend on how many types in 5 senses nerve could break through their ceiling to up more level We will be like a walky DVD player to translate The Unigue Language left by someone. it is a hard file unremovable and limited for only someone who can put their feet in someone else shoe. Do not kill me because the evidence is in the air and stay as “static electricity”. I recommend investigator get a class for new requirement might accessary in the future. Especially forensic investigation Wave Transistor & Convertor Investigation. Or Electronic Device to translate air footage is more easy. Goose bump? Well just do not think that it is ghost. It is HOLOGRAM from real story real actor. Next level of De Javu. Travel around the world is our exciting, right? What about I offer special trip for us to be able to travel through the time. I mean turn back time —come to current — forward to… New friend might waiting to say hi to you. They are super intelligence. They answer you before, you about to asking. They are the justice and worry about this planet. Worry about us using heart spirit as a powerful weapon and even use the body to double hurting or die. Worrying why chosen and trust in your god but scarified their live to warship god? Do not raise me up as your god if my teaching never stop you hurting and killing people Mind to mind could not communicate because of neglect to do polishing and stay shiny like crystal ball. This planet that born from the clumsiness and should not exist in this range of blue spectrum.

Blue spectrum is the reason why the sky is blue.

To be continue… Brought to you by Writer & Artist: Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon Founder of SHONZ SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA+++

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