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About The UniverCitizen

Human has limited of ability to be able to travel even on this planet.

— We have heard about equality of humanity but be never be treating the same.

We have different of allowing, entering to everywhere we go. That’ s right if the right works with everyone.

Because most of the time the wrong judgements goes to people who have right.

“Being alien in another country still can be Unwelcoming Atmosphere Culture .”

The univerCitizen is my concept of someone who able to traveling, visiting, staying, living or returning with his freedoms while he preserving the justice.

He doesn’t need any certificate documents to proof that how good he is or show how high is his credit.

His measurable energy will be seeing and allowing him to get there with warm welcome & fond farewell.

To combine with the concept of The Agriculture that I mentioned on the page “ About Agriculture”.

Thank you all meal I had you supported my body, power and helps extend my living while I learn and study the meaning of life.

It is some part from The Buddha journal when people offer him some food in the morning.

That also had him blessed to people with this

“Ayu Wanno Sukang Palang”

Means : I blessed you to live with healthy, wealthy and happy entire of your life. Thank you for being here. Do you believe in The Law of Reason?

Sincerely, Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon

Founder of SHONZ

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