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A Farmer Boy

Updated: Apr 7

We never know exactly because the only people who went up there knew what is out there. How far are we exactly, have knowing about The Universe ?

I can believe or I don’t want to believe because I never experience with my own eyes. Well, if there is no singular answer provided or summarize theory, that mean we paid tax almost entire life but still be here on Earth waiting for bedtime story from “The Hero” who get paid so much and “Hey look!! The 3D footage. I don’t know how to use 3D program but I love to do painting. How many hero really been there? Or just Shepperd boy? If you understand how frustrated of knowing 10 people talking behind you and all 10 stories are completely not you. You have choices to ignored, of cause you want to moving on. But seem like your rumored goes public wider like The Space expanding. You can tell from how people looked at you with that face, that lips and any unsecured sign. I bet, you will find out who was the first 10 trouble makers? Then you will be able to explain in social why these happened? You are the one and only who holding the truth. Depend on you to tell or say it is personal. Who deserved to know you better ain’t those 10 trouble makers. someone in 10 might be correct to getting credit. By the way, You will choose someone and /or some resource to value up your story. The One who understand your background who fair the most to you. To create skill “The Art of story Teller”. That more easier than find out the truth answer of The Universe, isn’t it? The Universe who has The Unique language. The Unique but very easy to understand even sitting still on Earth. Do I need to be a professor or dress like scientist to proof? I am not here to be a hater. I am here with my Art and theory. So you are allowed to imagine how is your Universe going to be like? Well, The Universe love to see what the energy inside you could create new energy? “Take my hand if you need someone to help you find your way” I didn’t say that but I heard that. How proud is The Universe, when looking back and see the developing abilities of his or her own product? Son & Daughter? At the same time. Maybe The Universe is sick of hearing rumor same as you. That maybe right and wrong. “What if we know how The Universe born, then what? Can we prepare The Pregnancy Department team to help The Universe born a baby Or Will someone build their own Universe for party? What if The Space and Universe has emotion and many emotion? They could also question this to someone who had been there…. “You are strong and so brave to have people trust in you, but what scared and force you to keep hiding the truth? Why are you still keep lying about me, human? Whatever, The Universe might trying to tell us all the time either when we sleeping or waking up but just someone could cracked the code to understand The Unique language. Wait! Crack the Code? mmmm interesting. If you want to crack the code, you need to find out where is the code. Or find the “Quest” The Code that whenever you sit down, close your eyes, then take deep breath, ignored noises around. Hey Hey “Quiet still too loud” but “Silent” To tune yourself to hear The Universe. Then ask question to the Universe without speak out. Your thought actives the vibration. Only you could hear The voice within. Only Universe can read you now. Be Cause you speaking what The Universe speaking. The voice inside you is creating wave.

That is code.

Each code has small curly all round and round, Then matching with another wave in the air. Look like a massive library but tidy up quickly after you messed from matching the code. “WWWWWW” new code generated after combined.

The Universe language

Yes it look like heart rate. That because we see from width side. What if I cut see inside the tube? ⨂⨁⨀⨷⨸⨮ Candy?

The wave and vibration run in the air is never die as long as someone still think of it or speak of it. Otherwise, they will put themselves to sleeping mode.

We were built to practice to be translator to compromise, to accept or to reject. To understand people, To have people understand you. Understanding of give and take. Whoever can touch The Universe then you will speak for the universe. If the loneliness hurting you, what about The Darkness, The Cold and The Dry since the first day

To be continue…The Unique Language. Writer & Artist: Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon Concept: The Universe

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