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1+1= O

Updated: Apr 7

— Alright hope you don’t mind me , if I have another jealousy of you that you have the right to show your opinion at school since you were young. But not in Thailand for long time along until today. Even we are more brave and protest to negotiate for the right or for at least compromise. Do you like to living in the control? Like you can not show the difference idea that conflicts from the history or new idea. It is frustrated like, If you are an Artist, you were forced not to blend the colors. Even you know you can. Not enough? You will became a joker in front of the class in a minute. Oh!! like how to be famous in one night from The X Factor audition. I wished. To been at the front by teacher marked could means, Hey dumb or hey bad ass. Prepare your hips for memorable in the rest of your life. I am telling you shortly. What was happened after that — Thank you for your laughing. — After matched with new friend, so now I don’t feel bored like before. He doesn’t mind when I want to say something non sense. My none sense that absolutely no one in the class understood ,but he did. Now I got to think twice about I was so detailed inside sense cause them error and none sense were accepted. If you experienced study at The School in Thailand 30 years ago, you might understood how a dumb student got punishment by teacher. Stand still — — — hold chest — — — -Deep Breath — — — that heavy birching will helps you release your breathing with your crying. It was too painful for kids to handle it. Sound like a Russian Roulette but different betting. mm yeah Live or Die by Russian Roulette does bet with your “smart” BUT my Live or Die…..I bet with my dumb. Oops how come we got the same choices?

I just got a difference idea of the math question : 1+1=O My tears must looked so funny that much to made entire class laughed at me. “Human is kind of weird and way too sadisms when seeing someone else pain to make them happy and laugh. When they are the most on this planet, then I don’t see that they are iconic.” I just need to told them my excited story but it doesn’t matter. Why teacher got to cut my imagination and the inspiration to joined the class? Thank you my only new friend who got me and I got you. That why you visible to me.

If I got a chanced to explain that 1+1=O does not mean One plus One Equal Zero. BUT

Egg Static Electricity by The Egg & Matched Sperm

One plus One does mean A New Egg paired with one Sperm that both calling each other with the power of “Static electricity” +&- holding with strong relationships pulling one only that connected live sperm into the embrace of the Egg . When both touching and matching each other

Touch sensor+&- works so well and continue sharing The Unique Information Language that only the outstanding data in memory will be appeared at the limited time. It looks like touch screen on smartphone right? Of course, the sensor is begin.

Exchange data

Wow it is fast like digital camera and laser printer How come the power still last? Because + &- has their own power but alone by themselves they just be able to wakes up by self-motivate when see or imagine of that sexy body and sleep when nothing interested When both of self-motivates are matched by The Law of Gravity ,Magnet, or Exchange Culture. Both have created new electricity power in the middle of eggs that support the progressive. The power energy that turned to self- rechargeable or Hybrid

Hybrid power+&- moves around and switching like hot & cold cause automatic shrinking and expanding. Become tubes with pumping functions all duplicated information to store in new cell plus new unknow data that happened during transferring. This is why 1+1 should = 2 cell divided Whatever born first and stay activate must be strong like a body builder. Who said heart is not brain? Maybe, that is the reason why we got to follow our heart. Heart happy we happy. Well, I am afraid that I will forget the important information and so many. Cell Culture need to store my memories somewhere that can take responsibility to handle all memories because me or you called Heart. Love to be free from control but I promised to support you all my life.

Hello Brain

Help me remember right vibes from my beating know the story I wanted to shared when I was 6 years old was not their interested. HATE never saved age and gender. The reason why I don’t want to turn back time when anyone asked me, not because I don’t want to go back and changing my mistaken. I will never take that benefit because I always remember the question of “What do you want to be when grow up?” “Adult” was my answer. Now I am 36, I still heard the similar question of Do you want to turn back time and be just a kid? “No No No” I sound too serious I know and you said that. I know it was just a joke question but I have to be serious and stress when question gave me feeling of failure. If got to be so, I don’t think it fun to go back and see what I don’t want to see. Of course I had the happiness in the passed. I rather move forward to new chapter I never experienced better. One day I will find the place where I belong. Wishing for something like that was also mean “the circle of incomplete life”. What if you can complete, then who could wait for you to say congratulation? You will standing still plus don’t know what to do when you got back to the current. Yes, world has rapidly developed and changed while you were stuck in the passed. I prefer imperfection but complete what I really love to do more than the imperfection & incomplete repeat. Alright, if you really want to hear it, I can share it to you. As long as I don’t have to go back there. It was minor reason when compare with previous life. The reason why the most of us couldn’t remember thing that because your choice. If there were your happiness you would chosen to bring it all with you. So that because the happiness does not recovered the pain. It is fair. If you chosen to forgot all pain, you got to forgot your happiness. If prefer to remember your happiness, you will need to remember your pain as well.

The Law of Reason You could not happy from no reason or you could not pain from no reason. I told you before. Right? You got to be a strong device to be able to handle trillion information if you asked to know your history. One more thing I told you was “The Unique Language you got involved to created is never die with you”

Creature — Kanesha from my imagination.

How much pain that you think you can handle as a kid? So, How much pain you were able to handle the things you had forgot? For whoever could remember, I would say I am so sorry that happened to you. I understand your feeling. You will need to remember who you are at the moment. Somedays, if you are clicking randomly by nature to see yourself in the weird scenes, weird language, weird outfit, weird people that they are never wanted to forget you. Be honest to forgive the passed, guilty from your pure heart and send back only good energy for the empowerment. You did not mean to left them before saying good bye or apologized.

Deja Vu Do you noticed me? To be continue…Deja Vu The Evolution Brought to you by EDELWEISS Meristem Cell Culture SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA+++ Writter & Artist : Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon

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