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Every home where also called as The Empire, Temple, Place and Tower always need main pillar. 

The person who been written on it was highest

respected by worrier, army throughout all people.

​There might be King, Queen, Priest and appropriate person.

Base of main pillar is wider to control balanced that use for every pillar as well

​Father of The Land

He might been dominant or he might been too kind but to been a king and maintain his state, he has the rule to follow. It is
4 Sublime States of Mind.
​Otherwise he will been lacked of respectful from his people 

To be continued...


The written on main pillar will also

provide information of how to start the project. 

Who was architecture, assistant, commitee, construction army worker, mannual work safe plan and anything concern.

Anyone involved in approval process will also written on main pillar. 

Connect or disconnect

is not alphabet that we could mix like A-Z. But each sign does has unique way to identify to each word as Fingers Prints, Chinese writing or/and D.N.A.

Elevation of 4 Sublime States of mind.png
Horus (2).png


Writen on the Wall.png



พรหมวิหาร 4

Pharaoh, King, Queen, Queen, Landlord throughout all leader will need to show



Sympathetic Joy


Each pillar had commander who in-charged as proffessor and be able to

See over all sharply as Horus

​Honest speak and warn immedietely as Anubis

Intellergence as Thoth

Work hard to shared experiences as Taurus

To became construction army worker and team workmust be normal

Understood the same way in 4 sublime states of mind,

Be responsbility  

BE faithful,

NO dramatic,

Undercontrol or under the rule

NO coruption

Learn & Practice



General Commander



Horus (2).png


Founder of laser.png


​Even though human love to create big things but still having problem to run big project alone, so team work is still nothing if they working without experiences.

Human born to develope their job from complicated to be more convenience. 
Resheaching, shortcuting and more.
How amazing when big project done much more faster and easier?

Do not underestimate Egyptian just because we thought that they old.
Unexpected event was just impacted and vanished most of their technology.
But I don't thing their information was all gone.

Read Hieroglyphic carefully again because there is no secret or quest.
​Only truth is worth to be written on the wall by laser of sunray that reflect on the mirror
through crystal clear stone or gem lens which powerful enough to cut the rock
​or cut me peices while I am still alive.

Supakan Wattanaboon
​Founder of SHONZ & The Artisterrestrial online Gallery
​April, 18th, 2024

Thank you for anytime visiting.

To understanding quest, we never force self to answer until we free and feel

comfortable to recieve - to generate - to except or unexcept.

Yes Now we know the meaning of first sign.

"To understanding -

to except or unexcepted".

​​Does it look like D.N.A?

Stay tune due to more information will be adding. 

I am glad you here.

Stay tune.


Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon

​The Artisterrestrial 


Angkor : Wat
The Rice : Temple
Angkor : Thom
​The Great Rice Capital 

​Meanwhile, there is the land of Agriculture
There must follow The 1st continental central city plan
with truth respect in 4 Sublime States of Mind.
4 faces looking at North- South- East- West which cover protecting and balance the main pillar or "Siva Lueng" in Hindi,
like The King is preseving by 4 Corperations army.

In Thai called : San Pra Prom
​Who bring us safe community of living.

​Prahma Ja Loka- Shrine of Earth
4 Sublime States of Mind Faces
​Long roofs as arms reach out left & right then bends up as hands bowing or Wai & Pnom in Thai-Laos and Cambodian language.
Bridge as his chest & waist.
​The lake or Lotus pool as his legs sitting like meditation.


Proma Ja Loga.png

Alright, to be honest. Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom or
Nakorn Wat & Nakorn Thom is The Great Pra Prahma Shrine where located near the gate of every building.
​To warm welcome- To observe- To preserve- To fond farwell
-Nakorn mean Great City-
-Thom mean Great or huge-
-Wat mean temple-
​-Angkor mean rice stock-

​The Gate of 4 Guardians 

​INDIA        MYANMAR         THAILAND                                            CAMBODIA

The Floating Land

The Journey Line

​We took sometime to discovered who was alive after the massived impact that split us apart like the pieces of jigsaw floating in the aggressive space. The survivor is be able to stood on the land by the magnet field that beautiful as Aurora or The Giant glow green snakes or giant dragons we can barely seen 2 of  them shining in the sky.
What about down below? 
Unfortunately, some of us were sinking with part of our home community  into deep water that
melting from The Blue ice planet that left over.
It was dangerous because most of live been frozen quicky at the time it hit us.
​Does that called Ice edge? 
The heat from The Sun also filled up The Ocean that why we never float away like another half.
Oh mother - ​The Half Moon.
You were heavy slide and left the wound we could see in the night sky.
​--The Milky Way--
But wait!!
Something......I mean unrecognized of new live that came with The Blue ice Planet as the egg were found growing
after met the modurate heat, air, atmosphere, food and stayed.
Of course, when the water hold all land pieces together like harmony and amazing fantasy, then who want to leave?
Not me. 

Mmmm, Where The Blue ice Planet had sent from?
Underneath The Sun? 
Well I just guess because hot and cold always cause the fight and eruption.


Where was Thailand at that time?
We were still sink under the Ocean.
How do I know?
​Shell on the mountian rock in my hometown
Ubon Ratchathani and Nakorn Ratchasima where I lived
for my high school

We found salt under the ground as well in Northeast of Thailand.
​Does it mean, we were sink deep under the ocean?


The Sun melting those giant Blue ice Planet so quickly. 
Quick enough to filled up under The floating land.
​Well, there names Nakorn Klang Hao
because there was toll up in the cloud.

mmmm but, not quick enough to stop life up there
to lived there life and build they empired great community.


​I think I found the green giant snake community

​Coming up next


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