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Collection Jar of Behavior & Instinct Code 


To becomes The Shape of Us
Is really depends on
what we could practice
Are you an Assassin?

Are you selfish by taking what ever you don't belong?

Are you messed up in love?

Are you an Unfaithful?

Are you drunk and lost in happiness?
Obtain to fix those of 5 opposites are Helping us becoming normal

jar of behavior .png

The Journey of D.N.A.

When you believe in the logic then you can see the truth structure is in everything. Not only sexual but anything could happened when fertilization meet and active to be able to continue by copy the same information and upgrade whatever your life had done or just thinking of it to roll record into DNA chain or The jar of behaviors, for next generation of body device. Meanwhile, it is the journey of The Lif3volution mean of our DNA wave code is travel everywhere at the same time to find home boundary, to practice immunity as the guardian and to see where is compromise for us to survive in this Universe.



Supakan Wattanaboon

Founder of SHONZ & The Artisterrestrial Online Gallery

The Universe spider web network

We are not alone but our D.N.A still travel to find place to born. 

The Earth is very amazing example laboratory where  the D.N.A wave could 

live like the other planet, but the difference thing is D.N.A. wave on The Earth has so much element that support D.N.A. to grow. 

Compare to our D.N.A. wave on another planet that can only remain as the wave still.  But some planet has our D.N.A. could grow toller than us on earth. 

And somewhere also has our imperfect D.N.A. could grow as the virus

and need to live inside us for practicing the higher ability.

It depend on the elevate or the level of D.N.A. size that sending out from invisible until visible back and forth with the power of velocity. 

We connecting to each other with invisible network but the communication will create stronger connection.


Become relationship and culture.

we are the same.png

D.N.A Lifetime

The element surrounding our D.N.A. is also the reason to support our D.N.A. to live long or short.

I mean even D.N.A. die but our wave is never die and still back up the structure code to recall element energy and reborn again.

Some of our D.N.A. be able to practice the behavior & instinct.

Some of our D.N.A. be unable to practice or remain behavior & instinct either short life or long life.


We might be a wild animal on another planet at the time that we are human still on earth. 

We will be anything that we keep practice or even just keep thinking and mention of it. The Jar of  Behavior & Instinct had already collect our concentrate memory.

color run.png

Canopic Jar

We could read this body  right the way when we see Canopic Jar.

Canopic jar is represent to thing that this body had ever  practice the most in life and can touch his energy through represent life that sculpture on Canopic jar 

kanopic (1).png

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