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My entire concept of The Universe. It might got you confused but the value of confusion would surprise when you found the answer. You might stop reading now. But Thank you for desire to continue. I happy if you have reason to be here either study of my art painting or reading even for both. This is my first time writing from my deepest intention throughout my artwork from my imagination while I sitting home or walk in the park that I did not copy any artist but I continue the pictures in history where exist and unseen. Sincerely, Shonz Supakan Wattanaboon

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Sun Flower knows where are their facing to.

EDELWEISS Flower always look at the Moon

And They are same family but different vision.

Don't take it serious yet.

But soon it might become , then the answer is your stress relief.

"The Answer" should be your prescription and never harm anybody.


What if somewhere that you looking at, (no matter how far), was the place you were or going to get there? You Feel happy every time whenever you turn your face that side.

How sad if you look at your foot or deep deep below?

Doesn't that mean you are sinking?

Hey look at me.

May I give you hug?

I am worry If your face hanging down

You can't find the best answers well.

All the best answer is just a little bit up front surrounding and above your head.

You ,Sun Flower or EDELWEISS are hoping and wishing to see a cozy family and home?

"Let's me go home"

Part of my all time favorite song by Michael Buble'

What are you or me doing here?

"The Earth"

Are you volunteering or lost your way back to family and people while you walking the long road?

Your side eyes found something you so much interesting. It only seduce you while no one can see what you see.


if you step out from parade now you will get in trouble.

You knew when everyone sleeping is the best to do.

And you do even you understand your risky.

At the time, you only feel proud and brave.

You found some thrill and excited to the maximum level.

Oh dear, The maximuim is lowing down to the end.

You realize you need to go back .



Brave gone blank.

You did not see even the footprint,

Hard for you to follow

big group of your family in long parade that journeying to complete some task or mission now was disappeared.

In another scenarios.

You were Unwelcome anymore.


The death is only choice no matter you or them choosen.

I didn't mean to bring you into serious situations.

Since I got you the answer to cure.

I am sure this is never harm you.

Only you now.

Exactly you floating, lonely, no one hear your maximum volume when you crying.

I got you because I understand The logic.

Soon and sooner you will.

Just remember your character who are you ? And how people usually recognized your nature?

IT IS sound ordinarily basic right?

Do not vain in anything especially when you feel that you better than anyone.

Some information you never expected or you might but you don't really care much.

That information doesn't care as well that you are ready or not ready.

Do you see people who lost their mind?

That was happened because of they didn't realized who they are what should they become.

Information traveling in the air never eat never sleep are seeking the gap of your brain's bouldery.

Iike a mouse try to put his bed in your house like, so? I gonna live here and bring my girl and make bigger family.

Oh boy & girl.

You, yourself and your kindness.

You gave and help so much.

How are you now ?

I mean Who remember to not forget you?



You never give up because you understand The Logic finally.

Among people who looks smart and says " I know"

How come they ......don't really know.?

You also realize and get self awake by self motivation.

Congratulations !!

You are now upgraded.

Hybrid power you will never worry that it will die with you.

And no need anyone refills energy for you to survive.

Because the hybrid engine you ve got creat a big movement even you only blinking your right eye. It comes aroud goes back around to recreate energy.

"Forgiveness" moving or raising or falling 360°

Always looking for


Like a magnet fields

The movement, the scratches, cause ignition

Ignition becomes fire,

unstopable overheating increase the rapid, the rapid becomes electricity.

I don't mean to guide you shot them down "The Hate " by using your electricity thunder.

But proud to be you who will never die.



Not belong to us.

But Your "Spirit"

Your spirit is sprint faster than the light.

We are invisible when this body can't hold us.

Where are we going next after we left these gross body?

We are going to the energy that we had created while we live.

You and I not yet having a singular spirit.

We all creating and categories the type of Universe.

The Universe of Hate

The Universe of Love

The Universe of Preyer

Out there are our categories that created by us and waiting for drag us back even we not ready.

Where we call Hell or Heaven.

No one can stop where we are taking

to, by your part of your own spirit that running

to pair with the dish of

Main course.

Your Galaxy.

The Core of Galaxy represent a huge fan filter

To extract each kind of chemicals inside you.

To answer the question above please have yourself knowing.

Either you like the most or disaster.

You going to what you created.

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Updated: Apr 7


Imagination could be real but no one believe in anyone vision that easy. It because they don't see what you see. They don't hear what you hear. They don't touch what you feel.

I passed that time.

The time that I try to explain things to everyone I trust.

This was I got

You crazy , I crazy as the result.

They thought I am lost my mind.

But they forgot who was on their side when they need someone to talk to.


I don't have time to go back and ask them ,why?

Same thing with many theories that never become one answer.

We wasted time in school for hearing unclear stories.

Until now.

What are we spent money for?


We spent for our education.

Somewhere you can show your opinion but somewhere will shut before, during or after showing your opinion.

Art is the answer, even there is the clues but only when we don't understand.

Who deserves those clues?

The person who had been curious plus keep asking themselves and compared their experiences until successfully found the possible answer.


How do you like to share with people?

No!! Not right the way. But yes, in the way that talent you more.

What if we make our Imagination come truth?

It must be something incredible that be able to speak for us. Isn't it?

Yes Imagination is not yet a physical.

But hey

Have you ever crushed on someone and you really need that one in your entire life?

And now you are together.

If that so hard, then

Have you ever want a smartphone because you never have good phone.

You try everything you can to own one smartphone you have in mind.

And now you own it.

Those became physical from what you imagined.

Imagine of you loving someone.

Imagine of you having the best smartphone.

And next simple thing that you be able to predict, to guess, to do when you look into someone eyes.

Or someone understand without you telling.

For example.

No one buy you a cup of coffee at work but your mom make you coffee and biscotti at home.

all I say is.

Don't be so hard and don't be so weak on yourself .

Art could tell you how if you care to continue.

The concept of The Artisterrestrial

Is the inspiration of EDELWEISS Flower that such a thing that effects my motivation the most.

To empower me to continue and finish each journal and hand painting on tablet.

My unfinished which doubts me from many questions.

One of selected questions is.

Why does the Moon only turn one side?

I researched for possibility theories and I got similar answers that The Moon is locking with magnet that is why The Moon never turn around.

From my opinion, I believe that magnet field creates the invisible floor, wall, sailing.

It is visible when the light hit on it and also allows the light travels from start to each destination.

Something like fiber optic

The magnet could be able to disturb and boucing but the magnet shape will get back to circle or curve when they found balancing and steady.

Then circle shape, wheel always be able to move or spin when the curve side touch the surface, core or stick.

Wheel can spin backward or forward.

Ball with core, stick through N and S or coating the surface, the ball still be able to spin left-right reverse, up-down when receiving the pushing and pulling of magnet.

Or spin 360°

That's mean,

The shape of The Earth's Moon is not a circle like ball and floating in steady orbit.

Half circle can not spin when found natural balance and the curve is handle the weight or the cut half surface is handle the weight depends on which side touch the floor first before slow down cause The Moon stuck one side on magnet floor.

The powerful magnet must stronger than the wind that lifting paperplane or when you open car window and touch the air outside the car.

That strong wind make you feel the gap that your hand can run through.

Then where is another half of The Moon?


You have reason not to showing your imperfections. People really want to ask what problem you have but countable friend will jump in and help you fixing your problem, Your friend will never cross the line to adding or make it more mess.

In return, you give the best in you to the world and decorate your imperfect. Make it gorgeous as much as you can.

Hey do you see the beauty inside imperfections of the Moon?

What is the best version of imperfection?

Supakan Wattanaboon

Founder &CEO of SHONZ

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