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Is there really The Space?

The Space those stuff of The Emptiness?

Powerful of The Emptiness inside The Space’s embrace.

The Space’s embrace with mood swing.

How do we live in the place where temperatures drop below( -1)°c then doesn’t take long to raise up above (100+)°c ?

There are pain and sensitive like gum loosing teeth.

There are wind blow on fresh wound and turn to extremely strength ice covering .

There are the heat crack me out from solid rock.

They are repeat in a sec or more & less.

So The space is Extremely high-low, cold & hot, acid & compress.

Begin & End never separate.

No man and woman.

No gender.

No question about age as a question about

how many time had we blinking the eyes?

plus breathing in-out²

plus heart beating × every single cell in body.

It is not too much for someone who love to live with headaches stuff.

It is too much for someone who disability of analyzing.

It is easy to understand for someone who see “because & why” .

Question leading to answer.

Answer relating to question.

Act bringing respond.

Respond create reaction.

Reaction bringing decision.

Decision bringing result.

Become the beginning basically system in every kind of relationship.

To cut or continue?

The Space is the community of The opposite in one that extremely short relationship.

Like “a female mentis eat a male head during sex activity”.

Like “the magic show” .

Like “1:1 enemy or more”. I happy to see you died.

1 winner & 1 died then

1 died is new born behind 1 winner

1 winner is killed by 1 new born

1 new born is winner the repeat.


Like “1:1 love or more”. I cry to see you gone then I born to see you died.

Makes us shocking when knowing about someone “died”

Makes us surprising when knowing amazing thing “happened”

When emptiness filled with last concentrate energy that trying to perform before died but unsuccessfully. It does mean

“Death is only The Beginning”

I will come back to make it.

Reference by


The Deputy Principle Priest of Pharaoh Seti.

Ancient Egypt 3000 BC.

Actor: Arnold Vosloo from South Africa

The Mummy Movie 1999

By Universal

To Be Continue


Supakan Wattanaboon (writer & artist )

Brought to you by

Edelweiss Meristem cell culture

SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Broad spectrum SPF50 PA+++

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Updated: Apr 7

The Universe : The Compromiser within

The Agriculture & The univerCitizen

Before The Big Bang

No Oxygen No sound louder than silent.

-No Oxygen No flammability

but vacuuming, melting, sticking, rocking metal & dry ice are absolutely yes.

In term and condition of no light from fire & shadow from light could setting.

Only invisible evidence that will glow in black light or Ultra Violet.

Agreement of 3 relationship

Extremely high hot below

Extremely low cold above.


Harmony of 3 relationship run into

Automatic system

Simple but eternity information is collected from The Space.

Meaning as The Logic.

Human also has ability to create The Automatic System but

The Universe could does it bigger to beyond and before.

Progressing of

-self create

-self activate

-self rotate

Following of








When the power of super furious aggressive nature facing each other half way.

Automatic system appear to works as hub for decision that

power by The Justice in the middle between them.

To let them fighting like boxing. Win, lose or even?

The Justice is also happened to supporting, to healing, to stopping or infinity beyond.

It must be any co operation activity of three that exchange power energy and becomes life circle from extremely short to infinity life circle.

To transfer & receive energy forwards or backwards and goes on round.

Passing through the center or goes around the center until 3 power connect and begin self-empowerment or

The Hybrid.

Re-arrange distance of Static Electricity 1 side is sticky with surface and 1 side shooting out like hair pointed out.

They working as Gravity on feet, knee, hips, back and head.

Gravity is The Re-chargeable Magnet Field that holding, calling, bringing us energy.

1 side has Up — Down function North -South or opposite which perform as information saved, Lay down, sleeping and shut down.

The Center spin overall Left-Right or opposite depend on who is first arrived? Together with the strength power that S-N could gives.

Perform as hungry, need, want, entertain, emotion, balance, enough.

1 opposite has Down — Up function South- North as wake up esthetic.

Knowing-Awaking-Playing part.

When The Hybrid is successfully connect and works then The Massive of Energy Power is active

Pumping Magnet, Blackhole, Massive Bubble Galaxy, Solar System and Planet

2 extremely opposite density in The Space.

Sort by The Emptiness to The Strongest.

The Darkness Space is another one world that collecting the information from The Brightness Space where the heat turn to crystal ice rock and the cold ice rock turn to fire burning.

Hot Dry ice & Cool fire Burn

While the ice & crystal rock are melt and set ,then set and melt.

Release electrons & protons field into The Space.

And repeat.

This process will be chances to become Star Planet, Magnet Web, Pumping Hole(Blackhole) or Static Electricity that expanding The Space area.


Is Unsuccess or interrupted or no resources around to melt and combine them for building The Star planet at that point. But electricity has already activated The Gravity and The Massive Magnet Field with 3 relationship still connecting each other steady and continue pumping like 1 egg drop in the water.

The Ring from that hitting goes out and back in circle like The Earthquake & Tsunami.

Less object or nothing falling into The Magnet field and Massive Gravity.

The heat, fire, Light and new object is burn and melt before has chance to pass into the core.

The depth, height and distance in circle like Wave from The Space quake or fresh deep wound that try to healing itself.

Or head had been cut but heart still pulsing.

Expand The Compromising Zone or New Balance in The Depth and Width.

When 2 Powers unable to connect at first but The Core or blackhole is still affect by aftershock and hard to stop in The Space.

The Continue of blackhole spin faster with 2 aftershock, remain powers.

Increase strong spinning until steady.

become The Gravity from The Core to hold

The Vertical and The Horizon.

Self develop to layer stacking with automatic system 360 degree angers that finally become The Massive Magnet Field.

The Vertical represent Human Standing, tree or wake up. etc.

The Horizon represent Snake, vine, 4 legs Animal or sleeping. etc.

When the vertical standing and connect with the horizon makes corner bend like prism goes around circle

like 7 prism lotus.

Prism extract color out from Black light and White light.

When Ozone is setting up like milk egg drop inside water. Bursting of Oxygen but no sound then bleaching Carbon and allow birthing.

They are The Giant Tree & vine follows the colors & sound of The nature is shining.

Orchestra-Color Gold, Blue, Red, Purple.

To be continue


Supakan Wattanaboon (writer & artist )

Brought to you by

Edelweiss Meristem cell culture

SHONZ Aqua Sunscreen Broad spectrum SPF50 PA+++

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Updated: Apr 7

Heart Creates The Memory

Wait!! a second.

What about brain?

OK you do not need to belive me because I am not a doctor. 

So what the doctor could explain things to people so far? 

I mean, clearly explaination.

Brain help organizes memory to every muscle on left, middle and right inside out body.

Every heart beat will creates wave.

Heart rates will send wave frequency to the brain

and brain will send electricity to the heart back and forth

via the center of the brain or the 3rd eye.

Run through the core *inside back bones.

Similar to the hit from thunders the spread like net.

Brain left and right will send electricity wave via back bones

to collect in every muscle that concerns from our touching.

Heart create memories from every experience

Helps balancing body 360° degree.

Brain is computer that can upgrade to read the wave memory.

Depends on the curl in the brain that works like the sharp pixel to be able to project all experiences.

That why we drunk or passed out when brain are disturbing

or died if Brain is destroyed because heart unable to reach and receive electricity from brain.

But heart will still keep pulsing slower from Electricity in plasma or blood until stop.

So, Heart born first and die after.

Brain was born after and die first.


When The Brain is died, The Heart will performs heavy pulsing to find the brain. 

The reason to help The brain waking up.

​Unless heart will unsuccess to discover the brain if split or died.

Heart will remember if Brain has fast computing

without messing up, confusion or destroyed.

Heart will still remember even when body losing part or disability

but problem is the brain could not contact those dead part or been cut.

Then brain will takes some time to learn

and adjust how to balance and harmony.

No worries,

Our heart wave will send back to the core of blackhole, planet,

solar or / and The Universe to reproduce or upgrade DNA.

Then send us back to born in New body.

Oh yes.

We all will BORN-DIE and repeat.

To be continue


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