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Hello everyone.

My name is Supakan Wattanaboon. I was born and raised in Thailand

I am Virgo who allowed to feel The Earth Oxygen first time in September,  from a lovely family.

My mom told me that I did not shout or cry. That was seem weird.

second weird thing was all baby who born same day as me were all girl except me was one boy.

Great that's made me understand both side

My Dad was a Navy.
He met my Mom in Ubon Ratchathani City and she was a farmer. They given me nickname OOm which mean "carrying with one or two arms" but need to use upper & deep tone
like a drum's sound every time when say my name. Mostly sound difficult and take time to explain even people loved to practice, It is insane, right?

I genuine humbly appreciate. 

When I was 10 I remember how much exciting i had before i joined English class in school. But I need to wait until I up level to grade 5
I began with A-Z pronouncing together with handwriting
It took me 3 days to remember  follow with  counting number

                                                                                                               in 2010 when I worked in the hotels industry, I end up given myself nickname
"Shonz" It similar to Irish name but has unique spelling and definitely different meaning which could be 
"spoon or using spoon or spooning from slang (ohh really?)"
Anyway, please pardon my uncensored joke, because i am also an artist that very important for me to understand all feeling all senses.
.All I need is, just to make it easy to pronounced in freedom accent and never change the meaning 
I lived with my mom, my older sister mostly. We had fun grow our small rice farms while my dad joined the Thai Navy. 
I speak Thai-English-Laos and some of Cambodian and a little bit Chinese.
Learning language is difficult but no limited for bodying language which union and Universe
I moved to San Francisco on September, 2016 when I figured it out that how much I love U.S.A.
when I was a trainee at The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. 
Thank you for allowing me to introduced myself briefly.
My following inspiration project is to build my first brand under the empowerment concept
My willing to heal facial skin feel more natural and healing while protecting


Is flower of Angel I found their superpower as Leontopodium  Alpinum Meristem Cell Culture.
One only flower lives on Alps mountain  and Asia side in pressure level where extreme snow, Extreme Sun Rays, Extremely cold and dry burn.

I fall in respect with Edelweiss flower who also inspired me to continue all my artwork concept that I brought to you.

I continue my imagination artwork everyday & everywhere I go.




I see art I see heart in everything.

To cheer you up, love yourself, understand who you are and gratitude. 

Edelweiss for me, She is more than flower being.


 " Shonz"

Supakan Wattanaboon
Founder & CEO of SHONZ 

The Artisterrestrial

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