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​The Great Time Line

7 Days

I sitting by myself in every quiet moment even there was so loud but I could brought myself amazing silent.

Meditation Level

Level 1. Silent maditation while seeing

Level 2. Silent maditation while agurement

Level 3. Silent maditation while sleeping

Level 4.1 Silent maditation among clouded mentally confuse people

Level 4.2 Silent maditation among animal

Level 5. Silent maditation while sitting

Level 6. Silent Meditation while seeing, agurement, sleeping, dealing with

any situation happening among people-animal and sitting

Level 7. Silent meditation while recieving - desiring - contributing information.

Now you know like I know the reason why many of us gone mentally confused or crazy.

If we never stop-stare and silent to disire right or wrong before we do thing,

​mistake is waitng.



If there is no Oxygen, there must calm and not fire eruption.

If there is Oxygen exist, there is able to produce Hydrogen, Nitrogen, fog, carbon, sodium, bitter acid and every chemical.

​Self rotation is filter itself from hot and melt on surface, hardrock followed, crystal stones gems, salted water and salt acid that try to find the way up to surface like explorer.

When the explorer made too many hole that hot melt surface meet salted water then the massive water spring was explosed and shoot them away while rolling and spining.

Then splash on melt rock with massive ice and massive drop of water until the surface of The Moon cold down by left the scar like  the hit by The Blue ice meteorite.

​Some still travel around us as Comet and another rock above the orbit.




Oh The Moon can I call you as mother?

Even you do not realize that you are a perfect host for seed and egg to shine thier D.N.A. but look, you are already decorate with rainbow, tree, flower, and more.

Why are you so sad? Pharaoh mmm Father is still with us even his part shooting far away.

​I remember that he is our father because he is giant and blue and still carry us with him. If there is perfect host, some seed and egg will wakes up from frozen.

Now my 1st cell as boy & girl is spliting but we always remain each other inside each one.

For be able to process and grow our population in ourself.

Even all D.N.A cames as the egg or seed but we changed and showed differences behavior.

Some still born thier new population by new seed or egg and wait for watering or warming to grow.

Some growing like chain or vine.

Some growing by some mixologist carry them with.

Some growing while host is moving.

Now we are moving, walking, running, activing around you.

Please accept us as your child.

Don't you worry mother-father?

If I never wake up from frozen even you try your best to keep me warm under linen tape

and this beautiful box or even this perfect liquid plasma heater,


my heart is your heart and every heart is never die.

See you around. You can feel that those she or he is me from your heart touching heart.

Thank you for speak it out for me Father & Mother.

We knew


The Death is The begining

​From heart travel beyond light year.

SHONZ Supakan Wattanaboon

Founder of SHONZ & The Artisterrestrial online gallery.

​Monday, April 22nd, 2024

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