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Why does the moon turn 1 side?
What's happened to Pyramids?
What's happened to Titanic?
What is mummy and canopic jars? (new idea)
Where were we came from?
What is De Javu?
The Space, Blackhole, Planet and The Universe.
The Journey of D.N.A.
and more




Art is pixel projecting that generate electricity wave from our brian which recieve from the origin "heart" called imagination.

If those heart understand the truth of nature,

those imagination was will always true.  

Artist is the person or team who project it, to present they experience from they team or personal hologram. 

Thier art could be sharp or unclear that because of the artist's hologram pixel or the filter for thier unique way or ability to read the wave.

Sometime the truth is right but boring.

Fun is entertain but cross the line.

So now, it's the audience job to judge or to compromise. 

​I am artist and I am also audience.

SHONZ Supakan Wattanaboon

Founder of SHONZ & The Artisterrestrial Online Gallery





They could live anywhere they want or many places at the time if they want. 

They understand and accept the truth.

They agree panalty if they wrong.

Or walk away if everyone want to be right.

Even turn back if they are disturbing by enermy.

They understand that they have difficult sign but they choose to keep it that way because

​only person who deserved will get what it mean.

If there is compromise for them they will guilty and make it better.

They so smart by learn even good & bad, male & female, human & animal, plant & rock, hot & cold more opposite thing to find the justice in everything.

They sound wierd for you right?

Do not worry human, we wierd but we are survivor and we are high civilization to not harm anybody first.


Mostly we no need to because we see clearly in The Universe natural mechanism. 

SHONZ Supakan Wattanaboon

​Founder of SHONZ & The Artisterrestrial Online Gallery

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